Learn about your diagnosis

The more you know, the more you can do to overcome depression.

Depressive illnesses take many forms, and their many symptoms combine differently in each individual. That’s why it’s important to become an expert on your illness and how it impacts your life. The more you learn to recognize your specific symptoms, the better you will be able to prevent them from spiraling into more serious episodes when they occur. The more attuned you become to how you personally respond to depression and treatment, the more successful you will be in making self-care strategies work for you. The more you know about the many treatment options available to you, the more active role you can play charting the best course to feeling and functioning better.

This website is devoted primarily to understanding and coping with depression. However, other related illnesses, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and substance abuse have much in common with depression, and are also addressed within this website. These illnesses share some of the same symptoms and treatment approaches. Moreover, regardless of whether they receive a specific psychiatric diagnosis, all people can benefit by adopting the proven self-care strategies outlined in this website.